My mission is a simple one; "to provide my customers with the cutting edge of quality and design", Also to build "a long-term relationship with my customers".

  Excalibur Creations is home-owned and operated. I strive to offer the cutting edge of quality & design, While employing state-of-the art technologies

 My name is William Desrochers and I was born and raised in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Amidst the active culture in both French and English of visual arts, music, heritage attractions and museums. I started using computers at an early age and I was always interested in computer graphics.William Desrochers

 When I was around 17 years old, I started working at a local Corporate Jewellery-Shop. I designed championship rings, lapel pins, medallions, for a wide range of clients. (ie. Corporate, Automobile Sector, Aerospace Sector, National & Little League Sports Teams, etc..) in CAD based software as well as programmed the design to be cut with State of the Art CNC machines.

With my machinist course, I became also head-machinist working on multiple CNC Mills cutting all the dies & molds.

 When I wasn't working on/with metal/jewellery, I was designing flyers, brochures, booklets, tickets and much more. I also worked for a local Corporate Awards & Plaque-Shop designing Acrylic & Lucite Awards, as well as ran State of the Art Laser Cutter & Engravers!

During these years I started making Vinyl Graphics for Vehicles, and Signage. Working not only in the days but throughout the nights. I have also expanded into website design and spent many many hours creating custom websites, for my clients.

 I edited many poor quality graphics, pixel by pixel, and the results where often acceptable unless we needed to enlarge or color separate the graphics. I started to "trace" simple logos in Corel Draw and re-typed the text. Simple graphics quickly turned into more and more complex ones and pretty soon everything was being vectored even complex fonts that we could not find.

 About three years later, I decided to work as a freelance graphic designer and I started working from home.

  As I continue to develop this business, I am always looking at new ways to improve your ordering experience while still keeping that contact and personal service that you have come to expect from Excalibur Creations!

Have a good day, Eh!

William Desrochers

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